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Stella Namuganza

Country of origin



2022 - 2024 (AK11)


Healthcare, Research

Partner Company

Merck KGaA

Education/Academic Qualification

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Makerere university (Uganda)
  • Certificate in Basic Global Health Studies, Kristianstaad University (Sweden)
  • Master of Science in Clinical Trials, Addis Ababa university (Ethiopia)


Professional Profile

Stella is a motivated and goal driven clinical trialist with 3 years of experience in managing clinical trials. She is proficient in translational medicine with a strong understanding of trial designs, conduct, monitoring, reporting, statistics and regulatory affairs. She is committed to supporting clinical researchers to carry out scientifically valid and ethically sound research. Stella also has a special interest in exploring the importance of data and algorithm ethics and bio ethics in research.

Her work as a nurse/midwife and a global health/social medicine educator ignites her passion for social justice in health for Africa.

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