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Das Team

The AFRIKA KOMMT! programme is implemented by the GIZ AFRIKA KOMMT! team.

Christiane Oermann

Senior Project Manager

I started my professional career in West Africa and still feel closely connected to the continent and its people. Discovering diversity and exchanging thoughts and ideas, mutual learning and empowering people to develop capacities drives my passion for AFRIKA KOMMT!

When not working I like to let my thoughts wander while working with my hands, either gardening or upcycling pieces of furniture, or while going on long walks. I also enjoy talking with friends over a good glass of wine especially after a movie, a theatre performance or an art exhibition.

Phyllis Chege

Advisor Partner Companies, Marketing

‚Africa is rising‘ for me goes beyond being just a maxim or popular rhetoric – I have seen it, I have lived it and I am IT. This is why I am passionate about raising up young African change makers through AFRIKA KOMMT!

When not at work, you will likely find me on my bike cycling to an unknown destination or with a backpack, on a train or plane, on the way to exploring a distant new land!

Carina auf der Straße

Specialist for Concepts and Trainings

When not fully absorbed in detailed concept writing, personal meetings and exchange make me really passionate about my daily work.

AFRIKA KOMMT!, it’s a pleasure to be a part of you!

Elissa Sadaka

Junior Professional

AFRIKA KOMMT! is inspiring in that every candidate has a unique story and is their own main character. As part of the team, I get an insight and perhaps even a small part in that story. That’s a great honor and reward.

When not working, you will probably find me with a chocolate cappuccino, strolling through the park or the city, contemplating, watching people and waiting for rain.

Alfons Lutter

Fellow Administration

Every year when AFRIKA KOMMT! starts I am really looking forward to the new candidates.