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African – An E-Book full of Real Life Stories to inspire African Professionals to build a Global Career

AFRIKA KOMMT! alumni publish e-book
You don’t need another book full of fancy quotes! You are looking for real examples of people who have done it, what inspired them and what you should avoid.
Ima Isip, Uche Onyekesi, Maureen Andalia and Maureen Mbaka

How can young professionals in Africa benefit from the experiences we made in Germany? How can we encourage them to aspire for more? With these leading questions a group of fellows of the 8th cohort decided to collect real life stories from more than 40 professionals through a series of interviews.

The message of Ima Isip, Uche Onyekesi, Maureen Andalia and Maureen Mbaka, the core team of authors, is clear: African – Yes, Africans can build a global career and be successful internationally.

Professionals from healthcare, education, manufacturing, agriculture and creative industries share their best kept career secrets, lessons and professional journeys in emotional and inspiring stories.

You will find stories about:

  • How to step out of your comfort zone
  • Mentorship and networking secrets that nobody is talking about
  • How to build a global brand from Africa from someone who’s done it.
  • How to get hired by a multinational (true stories from 3 HR managers).
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