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How do I partner?

You can become a partner of AFRIKA KOMMT! through these main avenues:

1. Host a Fellow

This is the primary form of partnership with AFRIKA KOMMT!

As company you specify the professional profile of your requirement  as a base to find the best calibers for your department. Once the perfect fit is selected, the company hosts the fellow(s) for the full professional development experience in Germany. While GIZ compliments the fellows learning journey with tailor made trainings and exposure, the fellow will be hosted directly at your company for an 8-month internship. This allows the fellow a deep dive into your work environment and processes. Similarly, you benefit from the fellows profound professional expertise and fresh perspectives. As a company you can host as many fellows as you desire and you bear the full fellowship cost of each candidate.

2. Financial Sponsorship

AFRIKA KOMMT! provides tangible opportunities for young African high potentials and is a booster for network and dialogue, for the German-African exchange among companies and renowned institutions. It propels the most relevant topics for a future oriented international dialogue, promoted on highest political level. Partner with us and increase the impact of AFRIKA KOMMT!

Be it by financial contribution, sponsoring one of the trainings or study tours,  providing your expertise, or by your own unique idea, with AFRIKA KOMMT! You become visible as change maker for a better future.

3. Inspirational Seminar

As AFRIKA KOMMT! we are actors for change for a better future for all. Sharing ideas, visions, dreams and paths to success is an important element in our journey. We come together to tell stories, inspire and learn from each other and together enjoy the process of growth. Through planning an inspirational seminar, you participate in the process of shaping the minds and ideas that are foundational to the future we want to create. You also get the opportunity to share the fundamental values and successes of your company and inspire the dreams and aspirations of the fellows.

Image 1/6:
Visit of Bucerius Law School during Weekend Seminar organised by Zeit-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius
Image 2/6:
Weekend Seminar organised by Zeit-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius
Image 3/6:
Weekend Seminar organised by Zeit-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius
Image 4/6:
Visit of EUREF Campus during Study Tour
Image 5/6:
Visit of BDI during Study Tour in Berlin
Image 6/6:
Visit of the Chamber of Crafts during Study Tour

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Phyllis Chege

Advisor Marketing and Partner Companies