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Why should I join?

AFRIKA KOMMT! is a fellowship programme that connects visionary African professionals and leading German companies. Together they pave the way for global inclusive business and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The programme provides an unparalleled opportunity to young, talented African professionals for a one year career and life transformational experience.

As a participant of AFRIKA KOMMT! you will:

  • Refine your leadership and management competence
  • Access networks and opportunities for career acceleration
  • Improve your intercultural competence
  • Broaden your perspective and stir up innovation
  • Achieve personal growth

Refine your Leadership and Management Competence

You will advance your leadership, management and technical skills through hands on training and experience in a leading German company while, at the same time, contributing your expertise and diverse experience in meaningful projects and work assignments.

Your learning journey will also encompass diverse training modules tailor-made for you as a fellow of AFRIKA KOMMT!.

As a valuable addition to your current professional experience, this learning cycle and exposure will equip and position you to be a better leader in your sector and sphere of influence.

Seminar at Robert Bosch Foundation

Access Networks & Opportunities for Career Acceleration

AFRIKA KOMMT! gives you the opportunity to network with a diverse pool of professionals from Africa, Germany and around the world, in and out of the work place. This enriching experience will facilitate you to develop a rich global network that will open exciting new career opportunities. You will also be equipped to be a bridge builder between Germany and Africa through initiating networks of cooperation between your country, continent and German companies.

Networking at the Federal Foreign Office

Improve Intercultural Competence

During the programme, you will  interact with people from different countries and cultures. You will learn the German language and visit several German cultural heritage sites. Through this you will gain first hand intercultural experience and be better equipped to function in diverse environments with multicultural teams – an important skill for a global citizen like yourself!

Visiting Berlin
My AFRIKA KOMMT! experience enabled me to explore my mind and capabilities in a completely new context; geographically, linguistically and culturally. It connected me with diverse African cultures through my connection to fellow participants. This also produced sound friendships and a strong network for me.
Wadzanai Chiuriri
Diversity and Inclusion Fellow at Boehringer Ingelheim

Broaden your Perspective and Stir up Innovation

The programme is designed to give you maximum exposure to leading industry innovation, new technologies and the latest global ideas. This will broaden your perspective, clear your vision and stir up your innovation and leadership potential.

Achieve Personal Growth

Nothing like time away from familiar territory to give you an opportunity for deeper reflection and introspection that will immensely contribute to your journey towards achieving your full potential. The programme thus offers you an exciting opportunity for personal development and will provide you with practical tools and training to support this process. Furthermore, the friendships and bonds you will develop with your fellow participants will crown your journey with fun and good times.


Hear about life transforming experiences of our alumni


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AFRIKA KOMMT! – My AK experience – Getrude Amboko Nandwa

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AFRIKA KOMMT! – My AK experience – Armstrong Fon Nkagen