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Why should I partner?

AFRIKA KOMMT!  offers you an opportunity to tap into the finest of African talent and potential to achieve mutual social and economic benefit.

Since the programme’s inception in 2008, our partner companies across all economic sectors have built a formidable network of more than 200 alumni positioned in 24 countries and skilled in promoting German-African relations.

Gain Access to Fast Growing African Markets

Through AFRIKA KOMMT! many companies venture into new fast-growing markets in Africa and invest in the current and future potential of the continent.

Our alumni have opened new offices in Africa on behalf of their partner companies, developed new products and initiated new projects that strengthen the already existing German businesses in Africa.

Armed with practical know-how of German business methods combined with deep insights into German culture, in addition to the experience in their home markets, the fellows are valuable assets for German companies wishing to expand in Africa.

With our involvement in the AFRIKA KOMMT!! programme, we are able to attract exceptional talents. Through local recruiting at our African locations, we would only be able to hire and develop such talents with a significantly greater investment of resources.
Christian Zähringer
Global HR Business Partner Bosch Power Tools

Foster Diversity and Inclusion

Being in touch with talents from all over Africa broadens perspectives and offers the opportunity to foster diversity and inclusion within your company. Exposure to different cultures, backgrounds and working styles stimulates development of a learning and knowledge culture and improves productivity within your company.


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Unleash the Potential of Innovation

The diverse perspectives and new ideas brought by the African fellows support you to drive innovation within your company.

Many fellows, together with their German colleagues, have co-created ideas and projects that have brought organisational transformation, and some have even gone on to win company-wide innovation awards.

Position your Company as an Actor of Sustainable Economic Development in African Countries

To date, more than 50% of alumni still work for their partner companies, many of them in newly set up African offices where they promote local economic growth.

Others have developed business ideas, using the experience gained in Germany, and now run successful businesses in Africa that create skilled employment.

Thus, through participating in AFRIKA KOMMT!, you position your company at the highest level in Germany and Africa, as a key actor in driving global sustainable development goals.

Establish Networks of Cooperation and Trust in Africa

If back home, alumni are a link to crucial contacts and networks in their countries. They serve as powerful intermediaries between Germany and their countries, transferring the positive experiences gained during their time in Germany. Some have gone on to gain employment in senior government positions and provide high level support to German businesses wishing to invest in their countries.

Benefit from Multiple Options of Engagement after the Programme

After the eight months professional internship, the company is free to identify the most favourable engagement with the fellow. This can be through direct employment after the programme, contractual business partnerships, long-term contact/mentorship arrangements, joint projects or any other form of engagement that both parties agree on.  No prior commitment is required from either party.

“It’s incredible to see the talent that we can hire through the programme,”
Ilka Wiskemann
HR Business Partner at SAP

Leverage on High Profile Networking Opportunities

AFRIKA KOMMT! is promoted at the highest level of German leadership. Founded by the former Federal President, Horst Köhler together with the former Managing Director of Robert Bosch Industrial Trust KG, Tilman Todenhöfer, the programme continues to enjoy the full support of the presidential office through reception of the fellows and companies at the Schloss Bellevue by current Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

In addition, the programme is supported by high ranking officials at the Foreign Office and German embassies across Africa.

Cooperation is key: Partner companies form collaborative networks with each other and create immediate synergies.

Meet our current partner companies
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Visibly Position yourself as a Co-Creator of a Global Future

Being part of AFRIKA KOMMT! means challenging our existing perception of right and wrong by questioning our underlying assumptions and deepening our perspectives. We work together as Africans and Germans to answer fundamental questions: Which political systems and economic structures are applicable in different contexts? Which are relevant for global acting? AFRIKA KOMMT! provides a visible platform for your company to participate in co-creation of a global future through this important exchange.


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The AFRIKA KOMMT! initiative is now open for the whole African continent