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Martha Kamati

Country of origin



2021 - 2023 (AK10)


Management Consulting, Technology

Partner Company

Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

Education/Academic Qualification

Diploma in Business Information System

Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Business Information System

Professional Profile

Martha Kamati is a Business Information System Graduate with 4+ years’ experience in Technical Support, Technology and Management Consulting. Martha has worked as a Regional Technician and a Business Analyst who was engaged in creating business solutions in monitoring and evaluation services, Organisational restructuring and development with leading organisations in Namibia. She conducted project management for a variety of public and private sector projects while providing monitoring and evaluation training to stakeholders.

Motivations: She grew up with her younger siblings looking up to her and it motivated her to always work at achieving her wildest dreams to act as inspiration for them. She is also motivated by her background and the fact that regardless of her humble beginnings, she can do all that she sets her mind to.

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