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Beth Karuana Mwai

Country of origin



2023 – 2025 (AK12)


Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Research, Technology

Partner Company

Merck KGaA

The headline for my AFRIKA KOMMT! year:

„Digital health communicationist who leaves a smile to patience.“

Education / Academic Qualification:

  • Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication; The Technical University of Kenya


Professional profile:

Medical technology enthusiast eager to communicate the ethics surrounding medical advancements such as AI, gene editing, advanced machine learning among others. I would particularly be interested in communicating AI adoption, the labor market, and philanthropic aspects. Medical robots would perform surgeries with precision replacing human beings in theaters. That is an area I would wish to communicate to the globe so that they understand these controversies. My previous experience in reporting telehealth and telemedicine amidst digital rights will enable me to undertake my new challenge.

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