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Amel Bzeouich

Country of origin



2023 – 2025 (AK12)


Manufacturing, Sales & Maketing

Partner Company

Robert Bosch GmbH

The headline for my AFRIKA KOMMT! year:

“Let the sky be the limit!”

Education / Academic Qualification:

  • Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance, Selcuk University, Türkiye
  • PhD candidate in Business, Selcuk University, Türkiye


Professional profile:

An accomplished professional with three years of expertise in sales and marketing, coupled with a concurrent pursuit of a PhD in Business, showcasing a keen ability to navigate complex challenges while excelling in diverse roles. Proficient in communication strategies and adept at leveraging these skills to drive business objectives. Known for effective leadership and adept management of multifaceted responsibilities, showcasing a strong commitment to professional growth and the relentless pursuit of excellence in both academic and corporate spheres.
My goal is to extract new managerial skills and methods that can be transformed into concrete ideas, thus promoting change initiatives with an impact in Africa. This is why AFRIKA KOMMT! is the best opportunity to do so.

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