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Aitissimour Issam

Country of origin



2022 - 2024 (AK11)


Business, Consulting Services, Sales & Marketing

Partner Company

Robert Bosch GmbH

Education/Academic Qualification:

Master’s degree in Marketing and Business administration, from the National School of Management and Business -ENCG Settat- (Morocco)

Professional Profile:

A Marketing and Business Administration graduate with over five years of cumulative experience in Business Consulting, Sales, Customer service, Marketing analysis, and Event management.

Passionate about circular economy and sustainable development, Skilled at problem-solving and conflict resolution, Issam’s aim is to learn to develop new innovative approaches to combine his passion for social and environmental missions and the knowledge of business management in order to create dynamic local economies that would have a global impact, then use this knowledge and expertise to help scaling up sustainable innovations in Africa so it could reach its real potential.

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