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Dortmund, Germany


Wilo is consistently expanding its international presence and is represented in all important markets. The Group has over 15 main production sites and a local presence with more than 70 production and sales sites. We are able to supply our customers with tailored solutions and assist them at all times.


Climate change poses a real threat and global challenge. It is the most important subject of our time, and will continue to be so for this generation and beyond. Rigorous and speedy action is necessary to slow down global warming. Energy and resource efficiency are crucial if we are still to limit global warming. The Wilo Group faces the challenges posed by climate change and makes its contribution to a positive overall development.


Pumps use around 10 per cent of electricity generated globally. At the same time, around 90 per cent of today’s working pumps are outdated and inefficient. Replacing them with modern pumps therefore holds an enormous energy-saving potential. Wilo relies on maximum energy efficiency with its products and solutions.

With high-efficiency technologies and smart products, we contribute globally to a more sparing use of resources, water and energy. The protection of the environment is therefore a key part of our business model. Moreover, we are reducing our own CO2 emissions year on year and optimising our production and processes all the time.


Our sustainability strategy

Wilo has developed an integrated sustainability strategy based on the corporate strategy known as Ambition 2025. At the core of this strategy is the aim of supplying more people with clean water while simultaneously reducing our ecological footprint along the entire value-added chain. Our innovative and highly efficient products and system solutions contribute to this, as do our production processes, which we are continuously optimising in terms of resources and energy efficiency.


Wilo develops networked systems that build on sustainable concepts and intelligent technologies. With its pioneering spirit, Wilo creates products and solutions that provide today’s market with answers to the complex tasks of tomorrow’s building services. To do this, we equip our products with ambient intelligence to create new functionalities. As an innovation leader, we set standards and offer customers around the globe tailored products that guarantee a maximum in terms of reliability, flexibility and energy savings.

Wilo is perfectly set up to cater to the greatest variety of customer requirements – smartly, efficiently and holistically.


Always one step ahead technologically and the first to bring innovation onto the market – that is part of our aspiration. Wilo has therefore set more and more standards in the development of pumps, such as Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q with Nexos Intelligence or the Wilo-Stratos MAXO. It is the world’s first smart-pump and a further milestone in pump technology, from system efficiency to networking options, right through to installation and configuration.

Efficiency, connectivity and safety are becoming increasingly important when handling the scarce resource, water. Wilo offers sustainable, userfriendly and technologically highperformance solutions for building services and water management that are ahead of their time. We optimise our innovative products and systems to the particular requirements in a collaborative partnership, and add services to provide comprehensive and reliable solutions.


As a global specialist for highly efficient pumps and system solutions, and as a service solutions provider, Wilo offers a comprehensive range of services, with which the customer is able to optimise and safeguard its processes. More than 2,500 Wilo engineers and 900 service partners ensure individual customer support in over 60 countries with services adapted to the customer’s needs. The Dortmund-based company, a trustworthy and reliable partner, has been able to establish itself with the help of this expertise.


Wilo and top-class sport Commitment, performance and the ability to work as part of a team are the bases for success, both for the company and team sport. Wilo is therefore an active partner for successful teams in football and rowing. We are happy to support the teams and their fans with enthusiasm and joy.


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