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FESTO Didactic


Denkendorf, Germany

Festo Didactic is the world-leading provider of equipment and solutions for industrial education. We design and implement learning centres and laboratories, educational equipment and programmes that train people to perform in highly dynamic and complex industrial environments. Our goal is to maximize learning success in educational institutions and industrial companies around the globe.

Our product and service portfolio offers solutions for rapid learning and retention in a broad spectrum of technologies. It meshes the technical learning content with knowledge and training courses from other specialist areas, such as process optimisation, management and communication.

Festo Didactic educational solutions directly evolve from technologies and innovations in automation and engineering. They place students in real-life situations and enable them to gain practical experience with high-tech industrial components and current systems. The product design focuses on excellence in usability and practice orientation: All functional components stand out from their complex industrial surroundings. They are easy to use and easy to remember. Their specific functions, positions and connections within the learning system intuitively show how technologies really work.

All learning environments, such as learning factories, laboratory equipment and e-learning products, are offered in conjunction with technical, organisational and people-oriented training programmes and are associated with services like planning and operating complex learning centres, and with consultancy services for industrial companies.


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