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BioNTech SE



BioNTech was founded in 2008 on the understanding that every cancer patient’s tumor is unique and therefore each patient’s treatment should be individualized. To translate this idea into reality, we have combined ground-breaking research with cutting-edge technologies to develop pioneering therapeutics for cancer and beyond. As we prove the value of our approach in the clinic, we will continue to build the partnerships, manufacturing and team required to bring individualized treatments to patients worldwide. From our roots in Mainz, Germany, we are driven to become the leading global biotechnology company for individualized cancer medicine.

BioNTech is a next-generation immunotherapy company pioneering novel therapies for cancer, infectious and other serious diseases. Its COVID- 19 vaccine is an important milestone. The aim of the company and its core business model is to provide these novel therapies to patients worldwide and thus, help to improve their lives.

BioNTech is committed to being transparent, acting with integrity, protecting the environment and respecting human rights. These values form the unchanging basis of the company’s work.

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