An Initiative of German Industry for Future Leaders from Africa

About the Programme

Before, during and after: a full programme

The junior managers expect more from their participation in the AFRIKA KOMMT! programme than practical experience in German companies: They are rather very much committed to building up an international network that will give all those involved an equal basis for sustainable cooperation. The programme thus offers a comprehensive range of products, before, during and after the professional training period in Germany.

Before their take-off to Germany, the young specialists and executives prepare for the personal exchange in their host-country in a German language course.

In Germany, introductory events complement the consolidation of their language skills, allowing for aims, expectations and any open questions to be discussed among all concerned. The main professional component of the further training programme is the practical insight into the work processes in the partner companies and the way employees collaborate. Each participant will spend about eight months in a company. Three international management courses, a study tour and weekend seminars provided by the participating foundations and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH complement the practical part.

After the advanced training, the organisers of the programme as well as the German companies attach great importance to the exchange with the alumni. Therefore, a number of follow-up-events and alumni activities are planned in the home-countries of the participants as well as in Germany.

From alumni to partners

The junior executives have become experts in economic cooperation between Germany and their home countries thanks to their knowledge about the business structures and processes within German companies, as well as their cultural and linguistic skills.

With their knowledge and their contacts, the alumni of AFRIKA KOMMT! will thus be important partners for African businesses and organisations. They will be powerful intermediaries between countries, as they will of course pass on the positive experiences and connections they have made in Germany, and with their respective “business sponsors”, to their home countries.