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Chengetai Calvin Chisango

Software Developer

I have learnt that, without requirements or design, programming is the art of adding bugs to an otherwise empty “text” file. The same should apply to the lives we lead!

Name: Chengetai Calvin Chisango
Country of Origin: Zimbabwe
Language Skills: English, Shona, German
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science, Walter Sisulu University (South Africa); Advanced Integration in Magic xpi, Magic Software Johannesburg (South Africa)
Company/Institution: Magic Software Enterprises
Sector of Industry: Information Communication Technology
Professional Position: Integration and Software Developer
Company Profile: Magic Software Enterprises is an Israeli software company with 23 branches worldwide, research and development sites in Israel, India and Germany, and over 1500 employees. The company’s initial offering in 1983, was its application development platform, now called Magic xpa, which is a rapid application development platform with the unique ability for organisations to develop data intensive applications once and deploy on multiple platforms. Further, the company offers Magic xpi, a drag and drop integration suite which comes with pre-built connectors to various protocols, databases and application ecosystems allowing companies to develop bespoke middleware solutions.
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