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AFRIKA KOMMT! Applications

AFRIKA KOMMT! FAQ – The Application Process


General questions about the programme

  • What is AFRIKA KOMMT! ?
    AFRIKA KOMMT! is a capacity building programme that was initiated by German companies to foster German-African business relations. The fellowship programme comprises a one-year stay in Germany, including an 8-month practical training in a German company.
  • I would like to do a master / PhD in Germany. Is AFRIKA KOMMT! the right programme for me?
    The AFRIKA KOMMT! programme combines theory and practice through management trainings and an internship phase in a German company. AFRIKA KOMMT! does not provide academic scholarships for studying in Germany.
  • Who pays for the AK programme?
    The AFRIKA KOMMT! programme is entirely financed by the participating companies.

General questions about the application

  • How do I apply? Where do I send my CV?
    Please apply via our online application platform. Applications by email are not accepted.
  • Can I apply if I am older than 35 years?
    AFRIKA KOMMT! is a capacity building programme for young professionals. Therefore, you can only apply for the programme if you are 35 years old or younger.
  • For which companies can I apply?
    When applying for AFRIKA KOMMT!, you always apply for the whole programme. You should mention your preferred fellowship placements in your application but we will consider your application for the entire programme.
  • No one from my home country had been selected for the programme before. Can I still apply?
    If you are a citizen of a country in Africa, you are welcome to apply for AFRIKA KOMMT!.
  • I am currently studying / working abroad. Can I apply?
    Yes, you are welcome to apply for the programme if you fulfil the general application requirements. You can find the requirements in the Application Guide.
  • Can I apply for the programme if I speak French only and very little English?
    It is mandatory to be fluent in English to participate in AFRIKA KOMMT!. The working language in many German companies, in particular those that are working internationally, is English. If you are a native-French speaker, we encourage you to apply for the programme if you can imagine to work in English.
  • I do not speak German. Can I apply?
    Yes, it is not necessary to speak German before taking part in the programme.
  • I already applied for the programme twice and was not selected. Am I still eligible?
    Yes, you are still eligible to apply again. We however encourage you to read the Application Guide and the available fellowship placements carefully. The available fellowship placements change each year and we invite you to check which placements fit your background best.
  • How do I know if my educational and professional background fits the programme?
    Please read the available fellowship placements in the Application Guide.
  • I would like to choose GIZ as a host company. Is it possible?
    You cannot choose GIZ for your fellowship. GIZ is implementing the AFRIKA KOMMT! programme on behalf of the German companies. GIZ does not offer any fellowship positions within GIZ.
  • I made a mistake in my application but I already sent it. Can I still change it?
    No, unfortunately you cannot change your application once we have received it.

Questions about the form of the application

  • All my certificates are in French. What should I do?
    Please upload your certificates in French in the attachment section. Our team speaks German, English, French and Spanish. If your certificates were issued in any other language, we advise you to attach a translation.
  • What should my presentation look like? Should I prepare a PowerPoint or a Word Document?
    The form of the presentation is up to you. Both formats are accepted.
  • What do I have to write in the “Stay Abroad” section?
    Please mention here if you ever worked abroad or did a training abroad.
  • What type of photo should I upload?
    Please upload an application photo or a profile photo.

Questions about the selection process

  • How long do I have to wait to get feedback on my application?
    We will inform you 8-12 weeks after the end of the application deadline if you have been invited to the assessment centre. Everyone will receive feedback on his or her application.
  • A friend of mine has been invited to the assessment centre – I have not yet received any feedback. Does that mean that I was not selected?
    We do not send out all invitations at once. It is possible that you receive an invitation later than someone else does. Everyone will receive feedback on his or her application.
  • I have not been selected for the assessment centre. Can I apply again?
    You are welcome to apply again for the next intake of AFRIKA KOMMT!. The available fellowship placements change each year and are published in the application guide.