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Gift Tendai Mangozho

Project Engineer

“I hope to learn best practices applied in the German economy that enable the effective utilization of available resources in order to optimize output at the lowest possible cost.”

Name: Gift Tendai Mangozho
Country of Origin: Zimbabwe
Language Skills: English, German, Shona, Ndebele
Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial & Manufacturing), NUST, Zimbabwe; Sage ERP X3 Developer, Softline Accpac, South Africa
Company/Institution: Continental Tyres
Sector of Industry: Automotive Industry
Professional Position: Industrial Engineer
Company Profile: Continental is a leading German Automotive manufacturing company specializing in tires, brake systems, automotive safety, powertrains, chassis components and tachographs.
Partner Company in
Continental AG

Im Rahmen des Einsatzes von Herrn Gift Manghozo bei Continental AG stehen neben den Lieferketten und Produktionsprozessen zunächst auch die Unternehmenswerte und –kultur im Vordergrund. Herr Mangozho wird anschließend unter anderem in Projekten zu den Themen “Capacity Utilisation” sowie “Efficiency Improvement and Optimisation” mitarbeiten.