An Initiative of German Industry for Future Leaders from Africa

Opeyemi Anthony Amusan

Mechanical Engineer and Corporate Planning Manager

“The programme is surely a right step in the direction of my career objective and vision of becoming a professional who is able to contribute to solutions to the multi-layered problems in Africa and other countries in the world.”

Name: Opeyemi Anthony Amusan
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Language Skills: English, Yoruba, German
  • Doctoral (PhD) Program in Agricultural Engineering, Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Agricultural Engineering Sciences and Resources Management, University of Bonn, Germany
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mechanical Engineering, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Theology and Church Administration, Redeemer University (RCBC), Nigeria
  • Certified Entrepreneur & Business Leader at the Entrepreneur Development Center and Africa Leadership Forum, Nigeria
Company/Institution: Federal University of Technology Akure & International Energy Services Limited, Nigeria
Sector of Industry: Engineering Sciences and Technology
Professional Position: Researcher in Resources Management and Corporate Planning Manager
Company Profile: Established in 1981, Federal University of Technology Akure was rated as the best University of Technology by the National Universities Commission (NUC) in 2004 and has remained so since. Its research programmes and curricula run in line with the University’s mission and vision and in concurrence with its motto “Technology for Self-Reliance”. International Energy Services Limited (IESL), established in 1990, is an energy services company currently providing integrated clients-focused services in the oil and gas industry with specialized expertise for both onshore and offshore developments.
Partner Company in
Robert Bosch GmbH

Herr Opeyemi Amusan ist bei der Robert Bosch GmbH in der Verpackungstechnologie in Waiblingen tätig. Dort ist er mit einer tiefgreifen-den Marktanalyse betraut, um die Verpackungstechnik zu unterstützen.

The story of Opeyemi Anthony Amusan
Ibadan / Nigeria, Sales Manager, Robert Bosch GmbH

“AFRIKA KOMMT! facilitated the fulfilment of my childhood dreams; its success in all ramifications will ever be remembered for good.”

From programme participant to staff member: According to Opeyemi Anthony Amusan, his internship in the framework of the AFRIKA KOMMT! programme provided a “seamless transition” into his professional position in his home-country.

During his nine-month placement in Germany, the sales manager from Ibadan worked at Robert Bosch GmbH in the department of packaging technology in Waiblingen, where he was in charge of an in-depth market analysis in support of packaging engineering. “The programme facilitated the fulfilment of my childhood dream of working with the renowned firm of Robert Bosch GmbH. The internship gave me the opportunity to learn the ‘Bosch Culture’ which serves as a solid foundation for my current role back home.” As the alumnus says, the impact of his participation in the AFRIKA KOMMT! programme also led to his recent award as a “Fellow”, the highest membership position of FICSP, one of his professional bodies. “The award is an honour. And I have also been invited by the German Ambassador to Nigeria to participate in high level professional discussions during various German government officials’ visits to Nigeria.”

Working as a sales manager for his host company today was as yet unforeseen when he first arrived in Germany in 2010. The mechanical engineer and planning manager was not only without his wife and their two children, but had also left a well paying job behind. Well aware of the challenges linked to that step, he says: “Sure, re-integration could be challenging, especially for a professional with a family and without a job to go back home to. But I had a vision.”

And his vision turned into reality: As part of his internship with Robert Bosch GmbH, Amusan travelled to Nigeria twice to do local market research. Today, he takes many business trips from his home office in Nigeria on behalf of the company. The German based firm has its main Packaging Services business unit in Beringen, Switzerland and an office in Cairo, Egypt. Nigeria, the centre of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and Amusan’s home-country, is both an important and attractive regional business focal point.“The communication between the branch offices is very fluent and supportive,” says sales manager Amusan, “and I also take part in interesting meetings, seminars and trainings organised by Bosch in Germany.” During the AFRIKA KOMMT! programme, his supervisor at Bosch was Olaf Wehrstedt who remains Amusan’s mentor to date: “He provides me with the required professional support in my current employment.”

With respect to future German-African economic ties, he has discovered huge possibilities for long term partnerships and cooperation. “Primarily, for continuous excellence towards the attainment of the stipulated goals for my current role for Robert Bosch GmbH, and secondarily, providing a forum or platforms for impacting my world – especially co-professionals and scholars.”

In July 2013, Amusan returned to Germany with 14 of his fellow AFRIKA KOMMT! alumni to take part in a refresher-course and to welcome the 21 participants of the programme 2013-15 who had just arrived in Germany. During the kick-off event on July 10th at GIZ’s office in Bonn, where representatives of the host companies and of GIZ, as well as alumni and participants all met in person, Amusan also talked to Heiner Boeker, Human Recources Manager at Robert Bosch GmbH. “Africa’s complexity, in many respects, has been long underestimated,” states Boeker, “and Opeyemi Amusan, who knows his country of Nigeria and the region of West Africa very well, and who has a lot of professional experience, helps us to understand that complexity.”