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Tag-en-nubang Sheila Kangberee

Commercial Officer

“Leadership is practised not so much in words as in attitude and in actions. I believe, Germany has consistently demonstrated that through her initiatives and industries.”

Name: Tag-en-nubang Sheila Kangberee
Country of Origin: Ghana
Language Skills: English, Japanese, German, Dagaare, Twi.
  • Bachelor of Commerce at Bangalore University, India
  • Advance Diploma in E-Commerce, Bangalore University, India
  • Diploma in Fashion Design, India Institute of Fashion Design, India
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, Associates of Business Executive, Great Britain
Company/Institution: Ministry of Trade and Industry Ghana, Accra
Sector of Industry: Trade and Industry
Professional Position: Commercial Officer (Standards)
Company Profile: The Ministry of Trade and Industry is the lead policy advisor to the government on trade, industrial and private sector development with the responsibility for the formulation and implementation of policies.
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Bei SAP SE arbeitet Frau Sheila Kangberee im Sustainability Operations Team und unterstützt dort hauptsächlich ein Projekt namens “Future Fleet”. Dabei handelt es sich um ein Forschungsprojekt, das den Einsatz von Elektrofahrzeugen in Fuhrparks von Unternehmen testet.