An Initiative of German Industry for Future Leaders from Africa

Steve A. Ngatia Maina

Strategy and Business Planning Consultant

“The programme goes beyond the learning of global business practices; rather it is about us becoming agents of change.”

Name: Steve A. Ngatia Maina
Country of Origin: Kenya
Language Skills: English, Swahili, German
Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Finance, Kenyatta University, Kenya; CPA qualification from Kenya College of Accountancy University, Nairobi, Kenya
Company/Institution: Strategic Business Solutions Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya, and Dibes Africa Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya
Sector of Industry: Business Management Consultancy
Professional Position: Strategy and Business Planning Consultant
Company Profile: Strategic Business Solution Ltd engages Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of various sectors in offering business support services. The company’s vision is to identify opportunities and to influence the growth of start-up companies that would normally experience major challenges. Dibes Africa Ltd also offers business support solutions (strategy, business planning, financial and tax consultancy, HR etc.) to SMEs in Nairobi; that also includes IT solutions.
Partner Company in
Merck KGaA

Herr Steve Maina ist bei der Merck KGaA im Bereich Corporate Strategy tätig und unterstützt die Entwicklung eines neuen strategischen Planungsprozesses. Darüber hinaus wird er künftig an einer regionalen Strategie für die Geschäftsbereiche Pharma und Chemie mitarbeiten.