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Admore Nyaguze


“This programme is an exciting, one- of- a- kind opportunity for me to gain insight into the global economy and to enhance my management skills in respect to a strategic market leadership with a global perspective.”

Name: Admore Nyaguze
Country of Origin: Zimbabwe
Language Skills: German, English
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Management and Master of Arts in Business Administration, Nottingham Trent University, Great Britain
Company/Institution: Bevking Flowers, Norton, Zimbabwe
Sector of Industry: Agribusiness
Professional Position: Production Manager
Company Profile: Bevking Flowers produces export quality flowers and strives to maintain the fair trade status of its products.
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Bei BASF SE arbeitet Herr Admore Nyaguze in der Abteilung für Pflanzenschutz Afrika & Mittlerer Osten. Dort ist er in die beiden Aufgabengebiete Logistik und Verkauf eingebunden.