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Tusnelde Tonata Mbango

System Analyst

“For me, it is a unique chance of growing both professionally and personally.”

Name: Tusnelde Tonata Mbango
Country of Origin: Namibia
Language Skills: German, English, Oshiwambo
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics at “University of Namibia”, Windhoek Course: Honours (Information System) at “University of South Africa” (UNISA) (2007- Current)
Company/Institution: Telecom Namibia, Windhoek
Sector of Industry: Telecommunications, Information Technology
Professional Position: Business/System Analyst
Company Profile: Telecom Namibia is the largest telecommunications operator in the country and wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of Namibia. Telecom Namibia is one of the important clients of the German IT company SAP.
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