An Initiative of German Industry for Future Leaders from Africa

Alumni 2008 – 2010

Meet the participants of AFRIKA KOMMT! 2008-2010 and their respective partner companies!

They are the pioneers of the programme: In October 2008, the first twenty participants of the AFRIKA KOMMT! further training programme arrived in Germany. Thus, a fully packed one-year educational exchange programme began for them and their German “business partners”. The participants – eight women and twelve men – came from African countries that lie south of the Sahara: from Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Rwanda, Namibia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and the Ivory Coast.

After returning to their respective home-countries the alumni have reestablished themselves. The gained knowledge “Made in Germany” is being put forth with their former employers; partially they also use it at new positions or in an own company.

Here you can find information about the alumni of the first programme (just click on the fotos):


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